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Welcome to the new site.

Welcome to the new www.macman.id.au

A slightly new look due to the upgrade from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 and the addition of Easyblog. I was looking for a way to quickly update content on the site using the Ipad. I will be using an Ipad application called Blogsy, this will give me the ability to quickly build fishing reports and other quick articles with photos and then upload and publish to the Blog section of the site.

I will continue to add new full articles and modify existing articles over time and these will stay in the menu structure rather than in the Blog component. I will also start to do a little more than fishing, I am interested in cycling, particularly the mountain bike, and have a good technical background, so will try to get a bit more info on such items as hosting and building your own website, how to get your own domain name and so on.

I hope this latest addition will add to what has already been a great success.

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19/4/2014 Yamba T-Piece Blackfish


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