J.W.Youngs Trudex (4" black model)


The first thing to say about this reel, is that it is unexpectedly small. The 4" bit should really give it away, but it isn't until you have one in your hand that you realise how much difference there is between say the Okuma (at 4.3") and this reel. The second thing to be said is that it is a very fine reel. It runs beautifully, it's handsome and refined and very functional. It's actually most like the 3 5/8th inch Avon Royal from Grice & Young, only much more upmarket. The one pictured is from 1964.


This is a lovely reel to use for estuary luderick. I haven't tried it out on the rocks yet, I suspect it will be too small for the rocks, where you really want the quicker retrieve that an Okuma or Avon Royal 3 affords. The black finish of this particular reel (there is also a grey/silver version) looks like it will cope with the salt water quite well. The lineguard is removeable and reversible, generally it just gets in the way when float fishing for luderick and I will be trying it without the lineguard the next few times I use it.


Weight 211grams

Spool Diameter 4"

Arbour Depth 2.9"

Spool Width 0.5"

Switch Operated Ratchet

Adjustable brake and removeable spool.