WR Products Speedia Narrow Drum Deluxe


100mm or 4 inches in diameter

65mm arbour width

15mm spool width

Weight 200 grams

Removeable spool

Ratchet with rim mounted switch

Adjustable brake


These are fantastic reels. I picked mine up for GBP45 and couldn't be happier. Very smooth but tight action, almost no movement in terms of wobble, but a very low spool inertia which means it spins when you breathe on it. These reels are about as simpe as it gets, the handles are well placed and have a nice feel to them. It doesn't come with a lineguard which for Australian conditions is a plus. This reel is simply a joy to use. The only down side is the 4 inch diameter which counts against it slightly for rock fishing. Time will tell as to how this reel goes in the salt water.
















The only downside to this reel is the depth of the arbour which I find a little too deep, this could be solved by adding some backing line, or maybe some cork aorund the arbour posts. 

There is an excellent summary of these reels to be found here

And following this guide, the one above is an improved Mk 2. I have been using this reel quite a lot recently and it's a ripper, very light, free running, top notch.

I've manufactured some plastic to fill out the arbour by 5mm. It is designed to be 3D printed and the source STL for printing can be found here. Its a 2 piece plastic filler that has a loose compression fitting . The inside is a decagon and fits perfectly around the posts, so it has the benefit of making the arbour wider or shallower and also stops line kinking.


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