{jcomments on}125mm or 4.75 inches in diameter

95mm arbour width475B

15mmwide in the drum

Graphite construction with easycast sidecast

Spool lock mechanism

Weight 305 grams


Right or left handed

These are excellent all round rock fishing reels for bream/drummer and blackfish. Like all sidecast reels they suffer from line twist, but precautions can be taken, particularly using the correct sized swivels between reel and bait. They also excel as a centrepin reel for float fishing. I used to be worried about the plastic construction, but 10 years later my reel is still going strong and is in much better shape than my metal version of the same reel. There is no writing or pictures on the rear of mine, it has completely rubbed off over time, but otherwise the reel is as it was when purchased. These reels are marketed into the UK by Shakespeare as The Linclon, and are quite highly regarded. One of the nice features of this reel is the reel brake, used to stop the reel when moving spots etc. The absence of an alert or clicker is also an excellent feature, you would rarely use these reels stuck in a rod holder and it is just another thing to go wrong.



Hard Wearing



Very free running

Side Cast


A little on the  heavy side