Grice & Young Coq D'or

The Grice Coq D'or were made by Grice & Young somewhere between 1974 and 1978.

They are identical to the more common Grice Golden Eagle, BUT they have NO lineguard and none of the added alloy where a lineguard would mount.

They are alloy construction with a cast backplate and finished with the characteristic beige/gold of the Golden Eagles.

They have a rim mounted ratchet switch positioned near the reel foot and the characteristic vented spool that appeared with the Golden Eagle.

Like the Golden Eagles they have the characteristic G&Y roundel with Christchurch/Dorset marked.

Unfortunately G&Y saw fit to finish these reels with a sticker rather than engraving and many that you see are missing said sticker.

The reels are a typical 4 3/8" spool diameter, 9/16" spool width and 3 5/8" arbour diameter.

They weigh 280 grams.



Photo shows the Grice Coq D'or next to a Grice Golden Eagle, the Coq D'or has no lineguard and lacks the alloy the lineguard mounts on

These come up fairly often on EBAY and a good one without box will cost around GBP 80, a mint one with box could be anywhere between GBP100-150.

I paid GBP 78 including delievery for the one pictured and it was in perfect condition, almost mint.


This is a great reel to use for luderick fishing, 4.5 inch is a good size and they can be very free running, needing only a slight touch to spin the spool.

I wouldn't use or buy one over an Okuma Aventa Pro, UNLESS you want to use something that has a bit of beauty and history about it. As far as I am concerned the Okuma is the pinnacle of luderick reels, but the G&Y Coq D'or is one of the best from this manufacturer.