{jcomments on}Runs on 2 bearings

110mm or 4.3 inches in diameter

80mm or 3.1 inch arbour widthOKUMA AVENTA PRO

19mm or 0.75 inch wide in the drum

Anodised machined aluminium

Weight 256 grams

Price from the US as cheap as USD150 plus USD30 delivery

Local prices can be around AUD280


I have been using one of these for fishing from the rocks and foreshores around Sydney for about 6 years. These reels are remarkably tough, mine is showing some scratches to the anodising, but is otherwise in perfect condition. It is the perfect width, size and arbour depth for blackfishing. The handles are placed on a crossbar so that they can be set back from the spool lip. It is also relatively light and simply a joy to use. Would I recommend this reel for luderick fishing ? Absolutely. The asking price locally  is a bit high, but if you are prepared to risk an overseas purchase then you can get them for a good price.



Hard Wearing


Nice looking


Very free running

Good geometry for luderick fishing



Fairly expensive, but still worth every cent.