Burwood RSL Fishing Club Luderick Presentation

Tonight I had the great pleasure of speaking in front of a group of Anglers at the Burwood RSL Club.

I was invited to speak about luderick fishing from a fairly traditional point of view, and as a counterpoint to a presentation by Gabriel from ISO Fishing Lifestyle

It was great to be in a room full of keen anglers and for me, to get a close up perspective on ISO fishing. Gabriel presented very well and had some lovely examples of rods and reels for people to pass around and admire.

I of course passed around a selection of centre pins and long stemmed floats.

As different as the two methods are, there are many aspects in common. First and foremost the need for safety first, then bait presentation and lastly control. Both approaches achieve these using slightly different methods and both are extremely effective.

Thanks to Gary and Trevor from Burwood RSL for the invite.


9/6/2014 Lower Harbour Holiday Luderick
Pittwater Luderick 3rd August


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