Yamba 2nd July - Flathead quiet but Luderick on fire

The weather this week has been sensational. 20 degrees during the day and cool at night, but no need for heaters etc. The blackfish are all through the river and biting freely when the tide is moving.

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Yamba 30/6 More luderick

For a number of reasons I didn't chase flathead in the boat today. So, this afternoon we had another shot at the blackfish around the T-piece. It's great to be able to ride bikes to your fishing spot, catch a few fish and ride home. Yamba is at its brilliant winter's best this week, it was warm enough to swim today and we did, having a body surf at the main beach. The river is full of fish of different kinds around the walls and the dolphins are having a ball bailing them up against the various structures. This afternoon while we were catching blackfish, 2 dolphins were smashing into the school of fish that we were fishing to. In truth there could have been a school of mullet next to them, but I actually had my float hit by one of them!

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Yamba 29/6 luderick frenzy!

Back in Yamba for school holidays. We stayed in Grafton last night and arrived via Lawrence and the Bluff Point Ferry. It's superb coming in that way along the river, and especially on such a magnificent clear winter day. We stopped at Palmer's Island on the way in and grabbed some blackfish weed, black magic and some lovely fresh green weed.

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Luderick Season, In The Bay 24th May

Last weekend was spent cleaning the fish way at the Lane Cove River, and kayaking for bream and flatties was the easiest fishing outing.

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Bassin at The Local

Pretty soon it's going to be too cold for chasing bass, especially in the kayak. So, I was determined to catch at least one more before the end of the season. With a good forecast, I thought the early morning would be good and looked forward to hopefully being the only boat on the water.

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Yamba wonderful Yamba Xmas week 2014

What a place, you would think that by 2015 it would be buggered like most other popular places. But, it's one of the great survivors. I can't say that in a week the fishing has been spectacular, because by Yamba standards the fishing has been pretty poor. The setting, the facilities, the weather, the beauty of the place have made up for the lack of fish.

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Summer Luderick in The Bay 7th Dec 2014

I received a text from Tham, he had a craving for blackfish, or at least for blackfishing. I was happy to go along with this as I was looking for an opportunity to take the kids somewhere where they could fish from the shore. Tham suggested Botany Bay, which is around the corner from him, and an easy drive on the freeway for me. He even offered to get the bait! Too good an opportunity to pass up in my book.

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Bassin before the storm!

Received a text from Tham today asking if I wanted to go for some late afternoon kayak Bassin. The forecast was for stormy weather, but it's nice and warm so took the risk. I was on the water at 5pm, no sign of Tham, so I started paddling.

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Halloween Bassin' 2014

I had the day off yesterday, so took the kayak and had an early morning crack at some bass. I'm starting to get some confidence now, and back in the swing with my casting. I concentrated on using diving lures. started with a deeper diving Jackall Chubby. It was see-through and mostly green. I like these lures, they cast really well and you can bump them over the snags. This is what has made the difference for me, getting the lure in tight to the bank next to a snag and then bumping the lure across the timber.

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Nepean Bass Catch 18/19 Oct 2015

The week beforehand was pretty rough, storms blanketed much of Sydney for days. By the weekend the weather was brilliant, warm days and cool nights. We paid for the weather though. The cold water Making its way down the river and cool conditions had the fish pretty well shutdown. Made it difficult for novices like me. In fact, I got a donut. My son Daniel though, did catch two fish, small, but out fished his old man.

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First real kayak Bass with Tham

Caught my first Bass out of the kayak today. Two fish between 30-35 cm. Was a great morning on what we will say was a local river :) Tham rang me for a Friday night session, but I convinced him to do an early start. We were on the water by 6:30 and I was home by 10. My fish were caught on a Jig Spin with a 1/8th jig and slider tail. Tham's fish were same but he got one on a yellow Kokoda Bat. Really great to break my duck, and good to get some confidence before the Bass Catch next weekend. It was a magnificent Sydney Spring day, not my biggest Bass but a bit of a landmark.

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Camping at Lake St Clair NSW Oct Long Weekend 2015

I've been trying to get to Lake St Clair for a long time. Glenbawn has been a favourite destination for many years with it's excellent camping and good fishing options. Finally got out there for the October long weekend. We didn't do too well on the fishing front, but we did see some nice bass caught from the bank in the campground on worms! Daniel kept us rom getting a group donut by catching a couple of kilos of catfish.

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Welcome to the new site.

Welcome to the new www.macman.id.au

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