Grice & Young manufactured a very large range of reels over a long period between 1950 and 1980.

This article seeks to list some of the reels that you may come across that aren't generally suitable for luderick fishing in Australian conditions, but are often available for sale, and could be a good reference for UK anglers.

Most of these reels are designed to have a large amount of heavier line capacity, you can tell this by the wide drum, usually at least 1 inch, and the deep arbour. The arbour posts are usually set well within the diameter of the handles.




One of the first model names used by Grice & Young

Characterised by a rim mounted ratchet switch

Large line capacity with the arbour posts well recessed

Came in Model 1,2 and 3

Spool Width 1.5 inch




Jecta Century or just Century for later models

Described as a general purpose reel.

Characterised by a button operated ratchet switch.

Large line capacity with the arbour posts well recessed.

Spool width 1.5 inch

Available in 3 sizes

Model 2 at 3 5/8 inch  and deep spool ie arbour posts recessed compared to handles

Model 2 at 3 5/8 inch and shallow spool

Model 3 at 4 5/8 inch

Later models are usually called Century and certainly there are models with the plastic backplate, some even sold by Shakespeare and manufactured in South Africa by Vivtek.



Sea Jecta

Stainless steel

Knurled knob used as an adjustable brake

Button operated check



Sea Century or Jecta Sea Century

Described as a general purpose reel.

Knurled knob used an adjustable brake

Button operated check

Hammertite finish unlike the Sea Jecta

Again, standard G&Y sizing applies



Sea Jecta Deluxe

This is very similar to the Avon Royal Supremes

Wide spool at 1.5inch

Rim ratchet switch

Adjustable brake actuated via a lever on the backplate



Sea Jecta 6



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