Spent the morning from around 0630 at Middle Head. A superb day for it, arrived at 6:30, being before daylight savings the sun was already well and truly up. I was greeteed by a big pod of dolphins on arrival but they didn't stay for long. The conditions were pretty much perfect, a high tide at 0930 with a swell f around 1 metre, apart from the very clear water typical at this time of year. I started by fishing for drummer/bream but not a single bite. Switched to luderick gear and found the fishing very hard going. The fish were there but not biting freely, and they were holding up at the end of a long drift. If you didn't get the float to drift into a spot about 2 metres diameter, you wouldn't get a down. Baits had to be almost perfectly formed, using a single leaf, also long light trace.

I guess the point of the report is that the luderick are still around but harder to catch than in the middle of winter, mostly due to the water clarity. I ended up with 5 ,dropped a couple and had a very short encounter with a drummer of some type. All in all a very rewarding Public Holiday on the rocks.

I also used my WR Speedia today , fantastic small reel for luderick fishing. Well worth looking at if your are in the market for an old school centrepin.