I had the day off yesterday, so took the kayak and had an early morning crack at some bass. I'm starting to get some confidence now, and back in the swing with my casting. I concentrated on using diving lures. started with a deeper diving Jackall Chubby. It was see-through and mostly green. I like these lures, they cast really well and you can bump them over the snags. This is what has made the difference for me, getting the lure in tight to the bank next to a snag and then bumping the lure across the timber.

I got a hit but no hookup first cast, but it wasn't long before I was into a solid fish of around 30cm. I cast and retrieved for a short time before I hooked up again, this time to a fish maybe slightly bigger than the first. I fought the fish from distance and nearly had him but the lure caught on a stick just below the water and I lost lure and fish trying to retrieve both.

Again I cast for a while with plenty of casting fails before getting a nice cast into the bank next to a big snag. This time I was using a shallow Chubby in a neutral olive colour and the lure was hit 3 times as I brought it out from the snag over the timber. Eventually a fish of around 35cm nailed it and I only just landed the fish after it headed for a piece of timber well out from the bank.

I didn't get any photos today, but I did get this short YouTube clip of the bigger fish. Fishing is much like any other skill, you start getting a bit of confidence in the technique after a while and the results follow. Also starting to get used to the Yak but find that it's tricky landing fish when the tub starts turning in ways you might least expect :)

Clip can be viewed HERE