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9/6/2014 Lower Harbour Holiday Luderick

What a cracking weekend it's been. Winter apparently. I woke to a beautiful day, and resolved to get out for a fish. Tide wasn't high until the late afternoon, so I rang a mate and teed up a 2pm session at Middle Head. As soon as we'd organised it, the weather turned, with messy showers and southerly winds. Thankfully we went anyway, the conditions weren't great and the wind was a bit in our faces, but there were a few fish around to make up for the conditions.

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3D Printing Applied to Fishing Part 1

Recently I was fortunate to gain access to a 3D printer. At first I couldn't get my head around the concept. It was just too foreign an idea for me to comprehend. Once you see the process for the first time, the penny drops and the possibilities immediately become apparent.

I initially made some simple parts for my bicycle, to replace some washers I lost on the road one day. Then some parts for my fishing kayak. Naturally I started to get ideas for solutions to some fishing problems I had been trying to solve.

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19/4/2014 Yamba T-Piece Blackfish

A belated report. I have been working on the new website and missed uploading some reports.

I was lucky enough to visit beautiful Yamba for Easter. Unusually I didn't take the boat or many rods, just the blackfish gear. We managed to get some green weed and there were a few fish around, but typically for this time of year the fishing was slow going. Part of the problem was that the water was incredibly clear and clean at the mouth of the river, this did change when a huge swell on Good Friday pushed into the mouth of the river and stirred things up considerably.

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