Fished the high tide today. High was around midday and only a low one at 1.5 metres. Sea forecast was for north to north east winds at 20 knots and a sub 1 metre swell.

There were plently of fish there on the shallow reef and the overcast conditions and wind chop meant there was enough cover for them to feed freely. It was pretty much a fish every cast, sometimes on quite a long drift. I caught around 10 fish and kept 4, all around the 30cm mark. I used the Okuma Aventa reel today and it really is a quality piece of kit, absolutely superb.

When I had enough blackfish I decided to have a brief fish for groper. I had the big Alvey loaded with 50lb mono, and my 8 wrap Snyder. Second bait I was onto a big fish in shallow water, but unfortunately it got the better of me and after I thought I had the better of it on its first run, it buried me in hte reef and the line parted. They are serious fish and difficult to land in what is very rough broken reef. Great adrenaline rush though.

Had a lovely meal of beer battered blackfish fillets for dinner and a lovely afternoon on the rocks.