I Fished at the T-piece on the Southern Breakwall on the last of the run out tide yesterday. It has been the most magnificent Easter weather here in Yamba, best in my lifetime, Easter is usually variable to say the least.

Luderick fishing at this time of year is rewarding if you are persistent and have a bit of experience, they aren't fully on the bite yet, like they will be in May onwards, but they ARE there if you work at them. Yesterday was no different, I ended up with 6 fish and was busted off by a further 4. The fish would only bite if your float was hard up against the rocky outcrop, problem is it makes it easy for them to cut you off when you first strike. All fish were taken on black weed.

Yesterday I used my G&Y Coq D'or and I must say its a lovely reel to fish with, nearly on a par with the Okuma Aventa which is really saying something as the Okuma is a truly fine reel and probably the best all round centrepin for luderick.

Like I say there are a few luderick around if you work at them, I saw two blokes getting the occasional fish yesterday fishing from the Craigmore rocks around midday, there have also been fish caught inside the river with good numbers being caught by skilled anglers fishing the wharf where the Francis Freeburn ties up in front of the Calypso Caravan Park. I also caught one nice fish in a quick fish at the end of the Gantry (where the trawlers tie up), they will only improve from now until August.