With almost gale force easterleys killing most fishing options here, including most of the good jew spots in the river, we have been sticking to the back creeks and shallow waters on the big tides and targetting flatties. The fish are plentiful but a lot of small spikies. BUT there are decent fish mixed if with them if you are patient and search out the best water. The fish won't bite on bait, maybe poddies would work, couldn't even get a sniff on white pillies, so we have been concentrating on trolling with Mann's 5 + in the Elton John colours. Romiaka creek is the pick of the water that we have been trying. We have been fishing the high tides in water as shallow as 1 metre. No really big fish but plenty of fish around the 40-50cm mark. Great fishing for anyone with a canoe, kayak or small tinny and a good out of the wind option.