After my recent attempt hunting bream, I was keen to have another crack at them to see if they have made an appearance yet. This is the time of year that bream really start to show up on the rock platforms around Sydney. You get some really big ones as well, fish over a kilogram being the rule rather than the exception.

So, I was keen to get out this weekend with early morning/late afternoon high tides. Unfortunately the mornings were out of the question, so I decided to try late on Sunday afternoon. The swell was a bit on the small side, less than 0.5 metre and sporadic, not great conditions to get the fish out and about and in a feeding mood. I tried with bread and prawn baits for about an hour and barely got a bite, except for a lone drummer of around 20cm.

I gave up on the bream (and black drummer which often move in when berleying) and switched to a centrepin, float and cabbage baits. The blackfish were biting fairly freely but were slow going. I hooked one first cast and landed it, then another about ten minutes later. After an hour I had half a dozen, not great size to them, average 30cm but solid fish. I packed it in and headed for home keeping 3 of the blackfish.

So, another donut on the bream, but thankfully the blackfish were a good backstop this time at least.