A beautiful morning in Sydney,  a light south westerly and sunny day. Unfortunately not the best conditions for fishing from the stones, the swell being a little small and just not enough wave action. It's hard enough at this time of year with the water getting colder and clearer as we get towards spring.

I arrived and rigged up just as the sun rose above North Head, had a bit of a go with bread on the off chance there were some bream or drummer around, and barely got a touch. Changed to blackfish gear and it was very slow going, the fish just weren't up on the reef and biting with any great conviction, too clear, too still and too sunny. I did manage to pick up 2 blackfish and 1 black drummer and got dusted by a decent sized drummer, but the bites were few and far between, but did improve as the tide rose. Enough fish for dinner though.

Tip for today was to use a long leader and small baits, even the drummer were taking the small baits. The drummer seemed to bite best around the high tide, but hard fishing for them in very reefy terrain


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