It had been a while since I had a chance to get out for a fish, I really had withdrawal symptoms. The weather in Sydney was excellent on Sunday, so I decided to head to Middle Head and have a fish for blackfish. At this time of year the fishing can be very frustrating, the clear water and flattened swells make my usually productive spots, rather fishless. Sunday was no different, at least on the shallow reefs, but I did manage to persevere until I got 3 fish, 2 of which were 37cm or so. They felt like flukes though, each one was in a different spot and there was no pattern to them. I decided to clean the catch and move spots for one last try.

The second spot I fished was a lot deeper, close to a rod length, 10 feet deep probably. In 8 casts I hooked and landed 6 fish all in the late 30s and pushing 40cm. So the trick really is to try some deeper water when the conditions are clear as they are at the moment.

It really was a great day for it, 10:30am high tide and brilliant sunshine, even a pod of dolphins cruising around in front of Middle Head for a while.

Today I fished with a Theseus Elegance, this is a Chinese made centrepin and seems to be a very good reel at the cheaper end of the market, I have written a review on this site, specifically on this reel. Only downside of this reel is that the clicker switch is easily switched on without meaning to, otherwise it is a delight to cast and generally good to use.

I crumbed the skinned fillets for dinner for the family, something I almost never do. I used the asian style Panko crumbs and I must say this is a great way to cook blackfish.