Well for one thing it was a cold November morning, unusually so for this time of year. Conditions however were close to perfect, sunny, a high tide at 8:30am, and a 1 metre swell. I had a brief fish for bream/drummer, but typically for this time of the year, didn't turn a handle. Switched to blackfish and the fish were around in good numbers. I began fishing with my Speedia centrepin, but kept getting busted off on the silly breaking strain. Rock fishing and 2 kilo really don't go together, I must change it for something heavier, although it would probably be OK in the estuary.

Today was the first time I have used my Pac Comps GP3145G for a while, it has been out of action getting a new set of guides on the top section. It was great to have it back, it really is just the ticket for extracting blackfish from the washes. No big fish today, but I caught 8 or so and kept have a dozen for the table. The trick today was to keep moving until you found the fish, there was a fair southerly blowing around the corner, and a strong current pushing along the rock ledges, the fish were holing up in little pockets of white water and difficult to find. BUt once found you could extract a couple before moving again.

I have made a couple of videos with the GoPro camera from this trip, including a couple of short videos cleaning the catch, hope to get them edited up and posted shortly.

Sadly I found out later in the day that there was a rock fishing death further south at Little Bay on the same day, another tragic loss of a young life.