OK, so I am writing this on the 9th, BUT the intention is to get up before the sun tomorrow and have a shot at the bream, which in theory, should be starting to show around the headlands in the Sydney region. Conditions are set for a sub 1 metre swell, which isn't ideal, but there is a 1.7 metre high at 0800. Combine the tide with the time of year and that is a recipe for bream. If the bream aren't around the fall back will be blackfish, so hopefully a feed of fish for dinner tomorrow night. Writing this to see how close my planning is to reality.


So the punch line to this is that you should never write a plan down :) Maybe just think it and prepare accordingly. Conditions were as good as they could possibly be, around a 1 metre swell and light winds, tide perfect, BUT I didn't even turn a handle with bread baits, I prospected a number of different spots and didn't get so much as a meaningful touch. Worst of all there was NO cabbage weed to be found for bait, the recent high seas had washed it all away, and the cabbabge that was left was very closely grazed during the high tides.


Just goes to show, the best laid plans and all that. Better than being at work though.