Just got back from a brilliant 6 day trip to Yamba on NSW's North Coast. I had to take the boys somehwere for school holidays right? Any way with my mum living in Yamba I just had to take the boys to visit their Grandma.So with the boat in tow and loaded up with bikes we headed for what we hoperd was sunny Yamba.

We were lucky to get 6 days of perfect weather and water temperatures of 24 C. Fishing largely took a back seat to the beach, but there was still plenty of opportunity for wetting a line. We went up into the estuary in search of flathead and weren't able to find the fish. Not unusual after what has been a very wet season and a big flood. We still managed to catch a few small fish, enough to keep the boys happy.

Luderick seem to be about in good numbers, but typically for this time of year you need to really know what your are doing and have a range of baits, green weed, black weed and cabbage. There were people getting fish in the lower river at the ends of the southern breakwall and from other notable rocky pointsin the lower estuary, however the action doesn't currently extend to the main southern wall. Again this is typical for the time of year. I made some good catches at the start of the week at the T-piece, and these tapered off as the full moon approached. The fish were there, mouthing baits and being very finicky.

Fishing was better from the ocean rocks, I had a very good session from the rocks at the south end of Turner's beach, and saw some good catches from the convent beach rocks, just below the Craigmore holiday apartments.

So, in summary the luderick fishing is very good at Yamba in April , you will need a range of baits. Black weed being the pick in the lower estuary and cabbage the best bet from the rocks.