After the Bass Season

Bass Season has now been over for a month and Sydney is starting to chill with beautiful sunny days and temperatures in the low teens. The fishing has been pretty good though and many of my fishing friends from Bass Sydney have been getting pretty good results and honing skills on a number of saltwater targets.The photo below is of Tham with a cracker of a blackfish taken on cabbage in the Drummoyne area.

I've had a couple of really good sessions on blackfish and a couple of good outings in the boat and in the kayak. We have really started to target blackfish in the main harbour and I must say it is pretty hit and miss. It pays to move around as the fish rarely seem to stay in one spot. A lot of fish seem also to be taken on cabbage a long way from the ocean. I have been without my trusty GP3145G and have been making do with some other rods including an Alvey 475CP which I am pretty happy with. It's more in the breakwall/rock category than stillwater blackfish though.

The upper reaches of the harbour have been fishing well for bream and flathead. I've found that half tide up or down in the late afternoon seems to be the pick of the time and tide and it's much better when there are bait fish around. I've even caught the odd estuary perch and blackfish on small soft plastics. Zman slim swimz with 1cm cut off the front and thrown right up against the mangrove banks seems to do the trick on the bream, with most of the flathead sitting up in the shallows under fallen timber or between rocks.

I fished with Doug Chang recently on our club day out of my tinny. We tried to target bait balls in the Lane Cove river with mixed success. But after a string of missed fish we had a ball on a big school of Salmon in the lower LCR. They were taking surface lures and boy were they a handfull on 4lb leaders. 

I think the message for autumn and winter is to really mix it up. The fishing is varied and there are some real quality fish around for those putting in the effort. I've seen a number of close to 40cm bream caught over the last couple of weeks, a 40cm EP and plenty of salmon. 

Tight Lines

Bass Sydney Nepean bass catch 18/19th Feb 207


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Thursday, 19 October 2017